I Hate Hamlet
"I Hate Hamlet" involves a famous television star, Andrew Rally, who's show has been cancelled and reluctantly agrees to play Hamlet in the renowned Shakespeare in the Park series in New York. His real estate agent, who also happens to be a medium, has managed to lease the apartment of the legendary John Barrymore. Andrew really does not want to play the role but his girlfriend, resolved to keep her chastity until marriage, swoons at the thought that her boyfriend could play Hamlet. Enter Andrew's agent, who once had a fling with Barrymore, and the stage is set for holding a seance to seek Barrymore's help in coaching Andrew. Barrymore appears, ready to provide coaching in acting as well as sword play, and Andrew decides to accept the role. When a Hollywood friend, however, shows up with a lucrative television offer, Andrew must decide between Shakespeare, whom his girlfriend adores, or television, where he is beloved.
Rated PG for adult language and themes.

Directed by - Darrell Mullins
April, 2025